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It has the prestige of leather beds, which express elegance with a minimal design. The headboard (wall mounted at different heights) is made up of two panels. The top panel is slightly inclined and has a decorative element that softens the essential design. A circular lace motif repeated four times, in matching tones or contrast, accompanies a blanket stitch border around the upper perimeter of the headboard. These decorations recall the tradition that made Cantù famous for its handmade lace, when ''bisetta'' was the word (in the local dialect) for the type of lace used for Erik.

  • Item code: TLK + LK180


    Product info:

    Erik Headboard

    Lucrezia Letto LK180

    Mat180 MC3 Mattress 180 x 200 H30


    RD2 Twin slatted bases 179 x 199 4

    GPI Down Pillow

    IP180_3 Duvet filling Mat180

    IP180_3 PPI180_3 Duvet Set

    Mat 180x200 H30 PLE180_3

    Sheet set Mat180 x 200


    Color/Material: Leather Kleo black with thread in dark brown yarn

    Sheet cover: Fabric Bolla Dark Brown

    Sheets: Fabric Bolla White



    216 x 12.5 x H119 cm

    190 x 210 x H28.5 cm

  • Ships within 3 business days from order confirmation and payment. Price mentioned above includes delivery and installation within United Arab Emirates.

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