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Unique, high-quality


​​​​​​​Sitia is a brand founded in 2002, dedicated to design and the making of quality Made in Italy chairs, sofas and tables. Venetian heritage contributes to handmade passion with the highest level of care for details. Each Sitia chair reflects company values, use of refined materials, research and experience in the field.


​​​​​​​Fine tailoring, precision, passion, craftsmanship, natural materials, finest leathers and original fabrics clothe designs that are the result of over 40 years of experience and workmanship.

State-of-the-art technologies, certified processes and procedures obtained through innovative research and exclusive  patents enhance the quality of Sitia’s products, making it one of industry leaders.

INCLASS offers a broad range of products committed to highest quality and wide range of use, with products that can be used for a variety of public and private projects. Its designs are recognized all over the world for their essential elegance, their pure lines and timeless spirit.​


100% produced in Spain, Inclass combines artisan craftsmanship with the latest technologies. Company's internal production, together with its local network of specialized suppliers, allows to maintain high level of quality control while offering a wide spectrum of finishes as well as the possibility of producing customized products tailored to customers’ requirements.

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Gautier Office is a French manufacturer of office solutions, dedicated to offering vast array of possibilities for all office types. 

Strongly committed to French manufacturing principle, approximately 95% of their production is carried out in France in the Vendée region - the production involves company's 930 employees spread across 3 factories in the heart of the Vendée countryside.


In order to minimise their environmental impact, Gautier carefully selects its partners, focusing only on highest quality suppliers and mediators, as well as distributors abroad.

These strong partnerships help the company in building strong international ties and solidarity, in line with their brand values.

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