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your dream bedroom...

... and your perfect wardrobe
The history of Olivieri is the history of a family that has been setting trends in furniture & design industry and bringing revolutionary home solutions since 1929. 
Until recently, this stunning brand was available only in Italy - now available worldwide.

This remarkable Italian company is currently in its fourth generation of existence. The founder, Gregorio Olivieri, was nine years old when he first started to create various wooden objects. Almost 90 years ago, in 1929 Olivieri opened his first laboratory, that in few years grew to become a wood factory with 120 employees, known all over Italy.

In 1949, son Tullio started to work alongside his father, later becoming the brain behind Olivieri's transformation from a wood factory to an industry. He proved to be a brilliant innovator, creating new and revolutionary wood processing methods. Before his 25th birthday, Tulio was the owner or 9 patents for machinery woodworking. In a very short time period Olivieri's network developed significantly and in 1967 they started work on a new, revolutionary industrial facilities.

Ever since this period, Olivieri has been collaborating with prestigious Italian furniture designers and architects such as Giuseppe Bavuso, Carlo Colombo, Giuseppe Viganò, Enrico Cesana, Leone & Mazzari and many others. Today, Olivieri brand has expanded to more than 50 countries worldwide, and in February 2014 was inaugurated the first corporate flagship store, located in the heart of Milan's design district - Brera.




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